Corvette Spotlight
February 2005

1991 Callaway Twin Turbo Speedster Convertible
Stock # 16978

Amazing! That's the only way to describe this extremely rare and unique 1991 Callaway Twin Turbo Speedster. Highly collectible, only 10 Speedsters were ever produced by Reeves Callaway. This particular model is #4 of the 10 and stickered with an orginal MSRP of $186,625. Previously owned by James Cameron (director of the motion picture, "Titanic"), it is equipped with a 402 HP, 350 c.i. twin turbo engine, Callaway Speedster Aerobdoy, custom interior and carpet, center exhuast, and a host of the best Corvette options such as FX-3 adjustable suspension. With just over 4,000 miles and the original Callaway window sticker, this is a very rare find and a unique piece of automotive history. Call today for more information on this Callaway Speedster Corvette.

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1991 Callaway Twin Turbo Speedster Convertible
Stock # 16978


Black Exterior
Black & Tan Leather
Six Speed Transmission
Dual Power Sport Seats
Electronic Air Conditioning
Bose CD/Cassette Player
FX-3 Adjustable Suspension

Special Callaway options include:
Callaway Twin Turbo Speedster( $71,225)
402 HP, 350 CI Twin Turbo Engine ($33,700)
Callaway Speedster Aerobody ($45,000)
Color To Sample Paint ($12,500)
Leather To Sample ($15,000)
Custom Carpet ($1,600)
Speedster Center Exhaust ($1,700)

Total Original Callaway MSRP $186,625

Super Unique, Super Rare and Highly Collectible
# 4 of only 10 Speedsters produced by Callaway
Includes Callaway Original Window Sticker
Previously Owned By James Cameron
(Director of the motion picture "Titanic")

Only 4000 Miles!

Offered at $164,900

For more information about this or any of our other fine
vehicles, contact Roger's Corvette Center at (407) 628-8300.

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